PSI meets with Swedish State Secretary for Migration

Public Services International (PSI) delegates, headed by PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli, met with Irene Wennemo, Sweden’s State Secretary for Migration, on the week of the UN High Level Summit on Migrants and Refugees in New York.

PSI shared its concerns on the outcome of the summit, underscoring the need to see real and concrete commitments among States in equitably sharing the responsibility for refugees. Europe is a case in point. PSI also raised concern on the expanded role of business in the provision of migration and refugee services.


The Swedish State Secretary shared Sweden’s long-standing tradition of welcoming asylum seekers and refugees and explained how the government is working towards promoting inclusion and self-reliance through its fast-track programme. In collaboration with the trade unions, the fast-track programme, works to shorten the waiting period for a refugee to integrate into the labour market. Both PSI and the Swedish Secretary agree on the important role of the unions in addressing the situation of migrants and refugees.

Towards the consultative process over the next two years leading to the Global Compacts on Refugees and on Migration in 2018, PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli expressed the readiness of the PSI to engage with States, local authorities, civil society and the UN system.

“Public service workers bring an important added value to the debate,” says Pavanelli. PSI members provide the frontline services for migrants and refugees. As unions, we are also there to represent the rights of all workers, including migrant and refugee workers,” she concludes.