PSI Inter-America’s Young Workers, LGBTQIA + and Anti-racism and xenophobia committees meet virtually

In another quarterly round of follow-up meetings, Public Service International´s Inter-American committees on Anti-racism and Xenophobia, and of Young Workers and LGBTQIA+ Workers met virtually (in September 27th, 28th and 29th) to discuss their most important issues. By Vinicius Sartorato.

In the opportunity, they reported on their activities in each of the five PSI sub-regions and considered the communication and organization situation in detail, as well as the preparation for new activities. The meetings are part of the second cycle of the international cooperation project between DGB and PSI, "Fighting Inequality", which continues working to promote strengthening and an inclusive union renewal.

With simultaneous translation into Spanish, English and Portuguese, several topics were dealt with, and at a high level, with emphasis on the denunciation of cases of abuse and extreme violence against the union organization, especially against the black, indigenous and young people, as also against LGBTQIA+ and women.

Organizational and communication reports were registered, such as the creation of new committees, one anti-racist in the Central America sub-region and another LGBTQIA+ in the Andean sub-region; the promotion of content through social networks was also highlighted.

For the upcoming period, the committees are preparing to move forward on the agreed tasks and new activities. In this sense, the following activities were pre-scheduled:

II Interamerica PSI Meeting of Originary and Indigenous Peoples

Date: November 18th

Virtual activity

 I Interamerica PSI Meeting of Persons with Disabilities

Date: December 5th

Virtual activity