PSI Gaza Solidarity Fund

This fund recognizes the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and the longer-term need of restoring public services in Gaza.

Up until recently PSI operated projects In Gaza to strengthen organizing and women leadership in the union movement and has been in contact with our three affiliates throughout the war. 

Right now, sending funds or supplies to our unions and affiliated frontline workers in Gaza is virtually impossible and carries many risks.

The situation is so dire that the ILO has suspended most activities in Gaza and even the WHO is unable to operate effectively, facing “near insurmountable challenges.”

But the time will come when aid can be provided, and the rebuilding must begin. This fund responds to the demand from many PSI affiliates to begin preparing for that time.  

  • In the short to medium term, funding will be used to support humanitarian efforts in Gaza, via internationally recognized humanitarian organisations. PSI will work through established aid organisations and international institutions, with a focus on ensuring support reaches Gaza's frontline service workers wherever possible. 

  • In the medium to longer term, funding will support frontline workers to rebuild their lives and communities, helping to reestablish the three PSI affiliates in Gaza and the West Bank, organising in health services, municipalities and the public sector in general. The focus will be on Gaza's devastated health and emergency services, including mental health support to these workers.  

PSI has already carried out many projects to help unions rebuild after disaster and war. We will build on these experiences to deliver longer term support to Gaza's independent unions and members, involving the unions that provide solidarity through the fund.


The following video, produced by PSI, includes testimonies from frontline affiliated members in Gaza's health sector, saving lives while risking their own.

Voices of Gaza's Public Service Workers

How can contributions be made? 

Any union wishing to make a contribution to the Solidarity Fund should fill in the form below. You will then receive an email in the coming weeks with further information on how to make the contribution.

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