PSI expresses its rejection of the excessive violence in the protests in Peru

Public Services International (PSI) expresses its concern at the escalation of excessive violence in legitimate social protests and repudiates the deaths that have occurred in the context of the political and social crisis in Peru

Public Services International (PSI) is concerned about the deepening political and social crisis in Peru and condemns the dozens of deaths that have occurred in the context of the legitimate social protests that have been taking place in the country since December 7, 2022, with the decree of the state of emergency imposed by the interim government. The political crisis is affecting the political rights of the people who are taking to the streets with demonstrations of rejection from the capital, Lima, to the southern provinces of the country. The excessive persecution and violence of the government's repressive forces have already killed 48 people and injured hundreds.

All the social discontent expressed on the streets is reflected in a survey by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP) which reveals that 71 percent of the Peruvian population rejects the administration of President Dina Boluarte, who took office after the dismissal of Pedro Castillo. Boluarte's resignation does not seem to be the solution either, since in this case, it would be the president of Congress who, according to the same survey, is 81 percent rejected. Therefore, bringing forward the general elections this year, while putting an end to the excessive repression, is presented as a principle for the resolution of the conflicts.

PSI, together with the Global Unions grouping, calls for an end to the excessive violence and the prolonged crisis that has worn down the institutions that sustain Peruvian democracy to the point of collapse, affecting above all the rights of Peruvian workers whose lives, jobs and families are at risk.

"We cannot speak of democracy in Peru because we are in a situation where life is not worth anything", says Wilfredo Ponce Castro, Secretary General of the Federation Centre Union of Social Security Health Workers - FED CUT, Peru.

"As an International Trade Union Federation, representing more than 30 million workers from more than 150 countries in the world, we demand the Peruvian government authorities respect the right to protest, to put an end to the state of emergency and to the excessive violence against the people. We hope that it will be possible to establish a political agreement that will allow for general elections in the shortest possible time," said PSI regional secretary for Inter-America, Jocelio Drummond.