PSI builds organising capacity of Nepalese CHWs

Women CHWs in Nepal participates in an organising and planning workshop organised by PSI

PSI held another organising and planning workshop with Nepalese women Community Health Workers in Kathmandu on November 27 to 30 2022. Sixty Female Community Health Workers from two PSI affiliate unions, Health Volunteers Organisation of Nepal (HEVON) and Nepal Health Volunteers Association (NEVA), participated in the workshop.

The main objectives of the workshop were to discuss the organising programme of female community health workers into unions and follow up of the campaign for the registration of female community health workers in social security scheme of Nepal Government The participants discussed the problems and challenges faced during organising. Strategic plans in organising unions of CHWs were further discussed. The unions also developed a plan and target for organising CHWs in their union  for the coming year.