PSI and its affiliates condemn act of violence against Cristina Kirchner

Public Services International and its affiliates condemn the serious assassination attempt against the Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Public Services International, a global union federation that brings together more than 700 unions representing 30 million workers in 154 countries, and its affiliates express their condemnation of the assassination attempt suffered by Cristina Kirchner on the night of September 1, at the door of her home in Buenos Aires.

As happened with former president Lula da Silva in Brazil, "lawfare" as a strategy of judicial persecution is also being used against the Argentine vice-president, with the aggravation of being a woman, and for this reason, her supporters set up a large vigil in the city of Buenos Aires a couple of weeks ago, in spite of the climate of violence and hatred.

"We view with extreme concern the wave of political violence that has been experienced in Latin America in recent years. An assassination attempt against a vice-president is a serious threat to democracy and this cannot be accepted," said Jocelio Drummond, PSI regional secretary for the Interamerica region.

PSI's sub-regional secretary for the Southern Cone, Nayareth Quevedo, also expressed her concern about the episode. "I condemn the attack against Vice President Cristina Kirchner because this type of reprehensible act undermines our democracies and the civilizing processes of our peoples. In that sense, I call for an end to hate speeches that incite violence and are contrary to fundamental human rights," he said.

Public Services International - PSI expresses its deepest solidarity with the Vice President, the Argentine people, and its affiliates, and condemns the attempt on the life of Cristina Kirchner and democracy, as well as political violence and the use of law and justice to oppose and persecute without evidence.