Palestine, Colombia, India & South Asia, France and Myanmar - read resolutions approved by our EB members

The PSI Executive Board-156 met virtually on 26-27 May.


PSI reiterates its support for a two-state solution of a viable, contiguous, independent Palestinian state alongside a secure Israel as the only way to secure lasting peace. The international community must act now and take concrete action to end their complicity in the occupation, colonisation and oppression endured by the Palestinian people for decades.


PSI demands that the government of Iván Duque guarantees the right to social protest and cease the brutal repression with which the police have responded to the demonstrations of the Colombian population, immediately accept the request for a visit by the IACHR and advance the negotiation of the emergency list presented by the National Strike Committee.

India & South Asia (Covid-19)

By the third week of May, India has recorded 26.5 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 300,000 deaths. The situation is no better across other countries in the region. More than half a million cases have been recorded in Nepal with 6,000 deaths. Infection rates have spiked from less than 1,000 persons per day in April to almost 7,000 in May. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan face similar fates.


PSI demands that all governments, global institutions and corporations cease engaging with the military, sever any diplomatic or economic ties with the military, and end any direct or indirect economic engagement with the military or their families. Instead, governments should recognise the National Unity Government as the diplomatic representative of the people in this time.