Mass demonstration in Prague against governmental anti-social reforms

On Saturday 21 April, Czech trade unions, NGO and civil society organisations will hold a mass demonstration in Prague against anti-social reforms. Organisers are demanding that the government resign, and have made a call for early elections. Workers, patients, pensioners, unemployed, and university students will protest against the current living and working conditions in the Czech Republic.

Their main demands are to abolish the antisocial and drastic reforms on health, welfare, pensions and other sensitive areas that the government is pushing. Organisers are also asking the government to end the destruction of public services and the preparation of their privatization.

The demonstration in Prague will be the culmination of a week of national protests across the country under the slogan “STOP GOVERNMENT”. Train tickets for Prague on Saturday are already sold out and trade unions have prepared special buses to transport  participants from all parts of the country.

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