LRG sector working conditions

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is publishing a series of four papers on the working conditions in the LRG sector.

These reports were produced as a result of PSI’s request to the ILO to enhance the visibility of LRG workers within the institution and cast some mush needed light on the sector. PSI contributed to the terms of reference of the research and affiliates were partially involved via interviews and questionnaires.


ILO Working paper 109: Working conditions of subnational government workers in selected African countries (March 2024) – English only

This report provides a comprehensive evaluation of the institutional and labour relations regimes in six African countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, and South Africa with a special emphasis on promoting decent working conditions for Local and Regional Government (LRG) workers.


ILO Working paper 114: Institutional and labour relations regimes promoting decent working conditions for Local and Regional Government (LRG) Workers in Croatia, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Sweden (2 May 2024) – English only

This publication presents a comparative analysis of the Local and Regional Government (LRG) sector workforce in five European countries: Croatia, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Sweden.

Latin America

ILO Working Paper 46: Estudio regional sobre las condiciones de trabajo de los trabajadores de los gobiernos subregionales: Los casos de Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, El Salvador y Perú (January 2022) - Spanish only

The aim of this study is to develop a comprehensive global analysis of the working and employment conditions of subnational government workers, such as recruitment, remuneration, vocational training and good labour practices. In this way, to shed light on the rights and working conditions of this group of people working in the state.

Asia Pacific

The fourth paper covering the Asia Pacific region is forthcoming.