Labour rights and the Covid-19 Pandemic: materials for unions

The measures adopted to contain the COVID-19 virus outbreak are affecting labour relations and conditions for hundreds of millions of workers, including in the public sector.

Many governments have resorted to the cancellation and unilateral modification of collective agreements, modification of working hours, unilateral salary reduction, and layoffs.

PSI has compiled the following tools and resources to support trade unions in the public sector to ensure that health and safety conditions and workers’ rights are not undermined as a result of this pandemic:

Model COVID-19 Workforce Policy For Unions

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Unions around the world are urgently negotiating special Workforce Policies to ensure safety and that workers conditions are not undermined as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic. This template Workforce Policy provides the basis for negotiations between unions and employer. Originally developed by UNISON UK and updated by PSI, it can be easily modified for national context. If your union has developed similar model clauses or materials which could be shared with the global movement, please let us know!

This Model COVID-19 Workforce Policy For Unions provides a template as the basis for negotiations between unions and employers. Originally developed by UNISON UK and updated by PSI for a global audience, it can be easily modified for your national context. (EN)

ILO Standards and COVID-19: FAQ

This note provides a compilation of answers to most frequently asked questions related to international labour standards and COVID-19. It does not provide a comprehensive review of possible legal and policy measures.

This new ILO Guidance provides responses to Frequently Asked Questions on workers’ rights and responsibilities during the outbreak. (ES) (FR)

Guidelines on decent work in public emergency services

These ILO Guidelines encourage governments and Public Emergency Service employers to provide workers with adequate means, tools and resources to be able to respond effectively to emergencies. They can be used by unions to lobby for increased protections for front line workers.

These guidelines offer precious advice on the dos and don'ts in case of emergencies of this nature for both governments', workers' and employers' organizations. These Guidelines are reference tools setting out principles that can be reflected in the design and implementation of policies, strategies, programmes, legislation, administrative measures and social dialogue mechanisms in a particular economic or social sector. (ES) (FR)

All our other general resources on the Coronavirus Response can be found here.

If your union has produced any materials related to the Covid-19 outbreak and labour rights which might be shared with other unions across the world, please submit them to us via our online survey.