Key Wins in Biological Hazards Convention

At the latest session of the International Labour Conference (ILC), Annie Geron, from PSI affiliate, the Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK), in the Philippines, expressed her satisfaction with the advancements made by the Committee on the Application of Labour Standards in the Biological Hazards Convention.

Geron, who has been closely following the debates and proceedings, noted that the discussions initially progressed at a slow pace last week. However, she highlighted that the momentum picked up considerably, attributing this improvement to the dedication and negotiation skills of the workers' team.

"The debate started quite slow last week, but it picked up, thanks in no small way to the great efforts of the workers' team. Their skilful negotiation hastened the procedures," Geron remarked.

Geron identified three key takeaways from the committee’s progress. First, she emphasised that the workers' priorities and bottom lines were substantially achieved and integrated into the convention. One of the significant wins for labour representatives was securing a provision that mandates adequate resources from member states for labour inspection.

"This is a big win for us," Geron stated.

"Despite opposition from employers, we managed to include in the text that protection against biological hazards will be gender-responsive."

Geron also pointed out the workers' success in ensuring that substantial protections against biological hazards were embedded in the convention. The workers' team was praised for their strategic approach to incorporating these crucial protections into the recommendations and the final convention text.

Overall, Geron expressed her optimism about the positive trajectory of the discussions and outcomes, especially from the workers' perspective.

"I am really very happy that things are moving positively for the workers," she concluded.


Annie Geron, PSLINK Philippines ILC

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