It is Time to End Water Privatization

This leaflet on water privatization in Jakarta is the first in a series of four leaflets published by Public Services International, Transnational Institute, Amrta Institute for Water Literacy and Jakarta Water Trade Union.

Privatization of water services in Jakarta, in many ways, is the product of the New Order regime. The private sector got officially involved in Jakarta water services in 1997, when Suharto’s dictatorial power was still solid in Indonesia. At the time, foreign water companies Thames (UK) and Suez (France) approached the government to establish a concession over water management, which eventually granted them the exclusive right to deliver water services in the capital city.

The four leaflets can be accessed here:

  1. It is Time to End Water Privatisation
  2. The Impact of Water Privatisation in Jakarta
  3. The Unfair Cooperation Agreement on Water Privatisation
  4. The Reliable Performance of Public Water Services