International Day for Care and Support - 29 October

The International Day for Care and Support is now recognised by the UN!

Care is an essential service that is too important to leave in the hands of those whose primary motivation is the extraction of profit. Quality of care relies on well-paid, trained and supported workers – which the profit motive inevitably undermines.  

PSI is the Global Union Federation uniting the struggles of vital care workers across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. We are advocating for a radical new approach to care. Highlighting the need to urgently rethink care in our society, to integrate transforming gender roles in the organisation of quality, universal and public care service systems, while also opposing the privatisation, commodification and financialisation of the sector globally. 

As care needs continue to grow we must ensure that people have access to affordable publicly provided care services where workers are paid properly and treated with respect.  

A new model of care is urgently needed which prioritises the workers caring for people.

Organised and active workers represented by trade unions are the only way to ensure that care workers can fight the precarity and finalization which is endemic within many care systems. PSI will continue to work with affiliates to build worker power to secure collective bargaining, expand trade union rights and decent working conditions 

Workshop on Decent Work in Care at PSI Congress: 

PSI recently held its 31st Congress in Geneva. Our affiliates in care and social services came together for a workshop on securing decent work in the care sector. The objective of the workshop was to introduce affiliates to the International Labour Organization (ILO) General Discussion on Decent Work in Care. Chidi King, Chief of the ILO’s Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Branch participated in the workshop and outlined the processes in the general discussion and how affiliates can get involved. 

Huma Haq, PSI Social Care Officer set out PSI’s five core principles for care work as listed in PSI’s Care Manifesto which you can find here: Care Manifesto: Rebuilding the social organisation of care - PSI - The global union federation of workers in public services 

The workshop outlined the policy actions that PSI and our affiliates need governments to take to transform care systems globally. Actions such as ensuring fair wages and improved working conditions for workers across the care sector and investing in universal, high-quality and accessible public care systems. 

It is vital for PSI and our affiliates to engage in the general discussion at the International Labour Conference as it is a platform for global stakeholders to engage in dialogue and debate about important labour and social issues, contributing to the development of international labour standards and policies. 

We will hold the next meeting to discuss the General Discussion on Wednesday 24th January 2024. Registration will be open in due course. 

Long Term Care Working Group: 

At PSI’s 31ST Congress, we asked for expressions of interest in joining a working group dedicated to examining Long Term Care (Elderly and disability care, nursing services). The working group will help shape PSI’s new policies and recommendations specifically on Long Term Care. If you are interested in joining please contact Huma Haq on  

ILO Future of Work Podcast: 

Verónica Montúfar PSI’s Equalities Officer joined the ILO’s Future of Work Podcast to discuss promoting decent work to address the crisis in the care sector (in Spanish). Veronica outlines the crisis facing care sectors globally and why governments must take an active role in the delivery of care services and ensure decent work for all care workers.  

Promover el trabajo decente para enfrentar la crisis en el sector de los cuidados | Podcast el futuro del trabajo ( 

Community Health Workers Charter of Demands: 

Community Health Workers (CHWs) across South Asia joined forces to demand recognition, rights, and respect for their vital contributions to public health. CHWs, an all-women workforce, play a pivotal role in delivering health and care services. However, many are challenged by limited recognition, low pay, and poor working conditions. Often labelled as 'volunteers,' their crucial contributions during the pandemic have been overshadowed by gender biases and a shift towards privatising public services. 

Read their set of demands here: Community Health Workers in South Asia launch a new Charter of Demands - People over Profit - Fight for the world we need 


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