Gender equality seminar underscores the value of work-life balance, workplace communication

Five PSI affiliates in Japan joined a gender equality seminar (hybrid) organised by PSI Japan Council.

On October 28 and 29, 2022 PSI Japan Council (JC) conducted a gender equality seminar in a hybrid format, with a total of 121 participants, including 64 young workers (aged 35 years old and below) from five PSI affiliates in Japan. 

The seminar was graced by Prof. Kaku Sechiyama, Graduate School of the University of Tokyo. "Social sex differences (gender) are created by people. People can change it by consulting with each other," Prof. Sechiyama stressed in his speech on the first day.  He also pointed out that men's significantly shorter time for housework due to the gender role-sharing mentality has resulted in a declining birthrate which burdens society as a whole. He also spoke about work-life balance, saying that there is nothing that men cannot do in child rearing. “We can overcome the declining birthrate and ageing society by creating a society where everyone works together…. Achieving work-life balance for men will have a more positive impact on both household finances and women's work styles,” he added. 

In addition to the lectures, the participants conducted group work where they learned the value of communication in the workplace. They also gained an awareness of the importance of listening to what their colleagues in the workplace want and what the labour union should do.