European survey on pay and conditions in social care

EPSU is involved in a project known as the WICARE project investigating pay and working conditions in the social services sector in 34 countries. The survey has been set up in the national languages of each of the 34 countries (all 28 EU Member States and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine) involved in the project.

The WICARE project uses online questionnaires set up on the international network of Wage Indicator websites. These are available in national languages along with paper versions of the survey.

The project runs until November 2014 and EPSU is working with researchers at AIAS (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and CELSI (Bratislava, Slovakia).

The project, WICARE, is similar to the earlier project WISUTIL which focused on pay and conditions in energy, waste and water.

For more information, and to access the surveys for each of the 34 countries, visit the EPSU website.