Emergency Statement: Repudiation Of The Coup Attempt In The Republic Of Bolivia

PSI Executive Board EB-165, meeting in Geneva, 26-27 June, strongly condemns the recent coup attempts and destabilization efforts in Bolivia, urging the international community to defend democracy and respect the country's constitution.

The resolution underlines the importance of maintaining social peace and following the legitimate government elected through democratic means.

Public Services International (PSI) expresses its strongest rejection and repudiation of the coup attempts and destabilisation that have recently taken place in the Republic of Bolivia. 

We understand that these seditious practices that seek to alter the genuine exercise of the law and social peace, ignoring the legitimate popular mandate of a government that emerged from the ballot box, represent a serious setback in the framework of institutional normalisation that has been consolidating in Latin America. 

Consequently, we call on the international community to express itself with absolute clarity and forcefulness in defence of democracy, trusting that good sense and respect for the Constitution will prevail, in order to find from there the paths that will peacefully channel this situation in favour of all the Bolivian people.