Electricity employees in Jordan sign agreement with national power company

After a three-week strike, workers at the Jordan Electric Power Company went back to work on 4 June following the successful negotiation of an agreement with the company. Mr. Adnan Sawairi and Mr. Jamal Kamo, Heads of labour and energy parliamentary committees, had supported the workers since the first day of the strike.

The final agreement includes rights and gains for the workers that represent a total of 3.8 million dinars.

The agreement is for a period of two years and grants the following per month:

  • a salary of rise of 30 dinars
  • cost of living allowance of 25 dinars
  • risk compensation of 15 dinars
  • 15 dinars for treasurers
  • 20 dinars for the transportation department.

In addition, a solidarity fund was created, to which each worker’s contribution of 15 dinars per month is paralleled with a further 15 dinars paid by the company. These contributions are increased yearly by 5 dinars for each party.

According to the agreement, when workers reach retirement age a solidarity fund pays 25,000 dinars to each employee who has worked for the company for at least 15 years and who has contributed to the fund for no less than five years or has paid the total amount due for that period.

The company pledged not to penalise any workers who had been on strike, while the union pledged not to go on strike for the duration of the agreement.

Mr. Hamada Abou Njmeh, Labour Ministry General Secretary, attended the meeting along with Mr. Marwan Bashnak, Jordan Electric Power Company Director General and Mr. Farouk Alhary, Head o f the Electricity Sector Regulatory Authority.

PSI letter of 22 May in solidarity with the striking workers