Denmark: Au pair spokeswoman must leave the country

Jean Gocotano, spokeswoman for au pairs in Denmark, has a job for Danish union FOA at hand. But the immigration authorities asks her to leave the country before 23 august.

Jean Gocotano have been an au pair in Denmark for a year and a half and has been active in organizing around 4,000 au pairs in the country, and is  elected spokesperson for the group.

When her au pair contract expired last February, the Danish union FOA decided to hire her in a special position where she will continue her work with organising and helping au pairs. She immediately applied for work and residence permit in Denmark.

After five months her application has been refused. The Danish immigration autohorities consider that the job at FOA can be done by qualified workers from Denmark or the rest of Europe.

"This is a misconception," says Jakob Bang from FOA. "This is work to be performed by a person representing professional groups, and Jean Gocotano is the right person for the job. She comes from the environment, speaks the language and are chosen by the other au pairs."

FOA has sent an appeal on the decision to the Ministry of Employment.

Read the full story (Danish) and see video (Danish and English) at FOA.