Defeating TiSA

PSI leads successful global resistance to corporate-dominated trade deal

The Trade in Services Agreement was an attempt to entrench the rights of multinational corporations over those of the people and our governments. The Agreement sought to limit governments' ability to regulate public services, restrict the ability to remunicipalize after failed privatisation and inhibit prioritizing clean energy technology, like solar and wind, over dirty fossil fuels.

"The TiSA negotiations were held behind closed doors for about 18 months until they were publicly revealed by the global trade union group Public Services International (PSI)" - The Independent

PSI was the first major organisation to raise the alarm and produced a series of reports for our affiliates and civil society on the dangers posed. We helped lead the campaign against the deal, which led to the withdrawal of a number of states from the talks. After 300,000 people across Europe marched against TTIP, CETA and TiSA, the talks were put on ice in December of 2016.

Although TiSA may yet return in another form, our ability to halt this disastrous deal shows the the need for transnational strategies and the power of international organising.