CTSP young workers - going forward with confidence and determination

Members of the young workers’ committee of the Confédération des Travailleurs (euses) des Secteurs Public et Privé (CTSP) in Haïti attended a PSI-sponsored planning and strategy workshop on September 8 and 9 in Port-au-Prince. At its second congress held in February this year, CTSP delegates approved an action plan that places emphasis on increasing the activism of young trade union members. As a first step in the process, CTSP’s executive committee immediately approved the formation of a young workers’ committee. The committee comprises representatives from each of CTSP’s 14 member unions.

Twenty-two young activists (12 women and 12 men) discussed and drafted the committee’s aims and structure as well as the duties and responsibilities of the various officers. They also agreed that they will strive to be fully integrated into the work and activities of their unions and the CTSP. By the end of the workshop, the committee had agreed to a draft 2-year work programme that focuses on building their capacity, skills and knowledge on issues including the principles of trade unionism, trade union administration, workers’ rights and responsibilities,  the value of public services and regional and international solidarity.

“I do not have the words to thank PSI for these two days of training for the young workers of the CTSP. I have learnt so much from PSI and our discussions. I am ready to work together with PSI and my comrades to ensure an effective young workers’ committee. Many thanks PSI”, said Ginou Jean Baptiste, committee secretary. “We’re anxious for the next training session”, added Junior Azard, president.

CTSP’s young workers warmly welcomed the news of a visit to Haïti and the CTSP by young trade union activists from the rest of the Caribbean family.  Decent work through quality public services is the broad theme of the activity which will take place in August 2014. The young activists are excited and ready to exchange ideas and develop plans for the solidarity visit which will be one of the activities commemorating International Youth Day.

See photos of the workshop on Flickr

By Sandra Massiah PSI sub-regional secretary for the Caribbean