Chad’s unions campaign for frontline Covid workers’ rights and safety at work

After an explosion in cases in the country, the Federation of Unions of the Public Sector led an advocacy campaign across the country to raise awareness of the plight of essential workers and advocate for improved conditions, particularly in the health sector.

The Chadian health sector, already stained by decades of underfunding, is currently being pushed to the limit by the virus outbreak.

The union movement highlighted the need to act where the authorities were failing: to build a deeper understanding of the dangers of the virus and how workers and communities can protect ourselves and others, lower the transmission rate and save lives.

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Chad's Covid-19 Crisis




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The Campaign included hundreds of public posters, media coverage and engagement at dozens of public service locations.

The FSPT said: “All of these workers are providing an essential service during the confinement – and to do that they need strong protection for themselves and their families.”