Bulgarian workers rally over proposed budget

The Bulgarian trade union federation CITUB has organised nationwide rallies on 20 November, the day Parliament discusses the Draft State budget for 2014. They expect around 8,000 people to take part in the demonstrations.

CITUB's demands for the working people in Bulgaria have not been reflected in the draft budget for 2014. During the rally, Bulgarian workers will express their concerns that politicians are not responding to their needs: workplace security; regular payment of salaries. etc.

The Confederation's main demand  is to input tax credit for the poorest working Bulgarians. This would allow over 600 thousand people whose salaries are 400 BGN (~204 euros) to claim back tax at the end of the year. This would provide them with additional income per year greater than their monthly salary. CITUB proposes that the cost to the state could be funded by criminalizing tax evasion, which would mean an extra 200 million BGN of contributions in the budget (estimate from of the Ministry of Finance).

Tensions in the country are growing. The federation is concerned about the reorganization of the energy sector. The national electricity company (NEK) debt will increase by 350 million BGN and will exceed 3 billion BGN by next year according the proposed draft budget. There is a very real threat that NEK will stop paying its suppliers.

During the rally, the Federation of Trade unions in Health Services (FTU-HS-CITUB) will submit a declaration of demands on behalf of all healthcare workers to the Health Minister Dr.Tanya Andreeva at the Minitry of Health (which will be the first stop of the rally), and later the delegation will submit a declaration to the Council of Ministers.

The main rally will be held in front of the National Assembly.

Watch the union video clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pljMeBFji_o

PSI has sent a letter of support to the union. See link below.