Australian Labor Party (ALP) wins federal election

On the 21st May 2022, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) led by Anthony Albanese claimed victory in the federal election, ending nearly a decade of conservative rule in the country. We congratulate Australian affiliates and the broader union movement on this tremendous win and strong resolve during a bleak 9 years under conservative rule.

Wage stagnation, the cost of living, the climate crisis, gender equality and integrity in government were key election issues, with the ALP committing to take action during the campaign.

Aged care was also a key election issue, with the Labor responding to the sustained and powerful campaign lead by our nursing affiliates. Labor launched their aged care policy as a signature election policy and committed to funding mandated staffing ratios in private aged care facilities, improving wages for the depleted workforce and making sure taxpayer-funds for providers are tied to direct care for residents.

The ALP also committed to rebuild and reinvest in the Australian Public Service. This includes abolishing the arbitrary staffing cap, reducing outsourced work through consultants by reducing use by 10% in first year and take steps to ensure the Australian Public Service can be a model employer through reducing use of labor hire and other forms of insecure work.

On foreign policy the ALP has committed to closer engagement in the Indo-Pacific region, including Pacific Islands countries, and responding to the existential threat that climate presents, increasing official development assistance and supporting trade union development.

PSI was active in calling out the previous government's atrocious record on foreign policy, including using the aid program to support dubious Australian firms with close links to the governing party to privatize essential services in neighboring countries.