Annual Report 2009

Environmental and social sustainability provided the primary theme for PSI’s work in 2009. Leading into the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) in Copenhagen in December, trade unions and civil society allies worked hard to ensure that world leaders would agree on an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions. Alas, this dream did not become reality. But we are committed to continuing this struggle and achieving real results.

Public services provide the vital foundation for a sustainable world. Environmental sustainability cannot be achieved without social sustainability. This includes respect for and compliance with the core International Labour Organization conventions to create decent working conditions. PSI is a leading advocate on this front.

PSI and the global labour movement achieved a measure of success in 2009 in gaining more widespread acceptance of the idea that a greener economy requires a just transition that assists workers in retraining for new, greener jobs.

Climate justice requires social justice. This motto guides our continuing efforts to build more sustainable societies around the world.