Alert! Down with racist violence!

Destruction of the monument to the "Mother of the Nation" María Remedios del Valle

From Public Services International (PSI), we repudiate racist violence! We repudiate the destruction of the Monument of the "Mother of the Nation" María Remedios del Valle, which occurred in the early hours of Friday (September 1) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maria Remedios del Valle not only represents the presence and history of the Afro-Argentine community, but is also a symbol of struggle, resistance and freedom for all the peoples of our region.

At the close of the celebration of the International Day for People of African Descent (August 31) and 40 years after the reconquest of democracy in Argentina, we denounce this unacceptable act of racist violence.

As we already know, these cases are gradually multiplying, affecting all areas of societies, in the religious, sports, political, educational environment, acts of violence such as those of Madre Bernadete, Vinicius Junior, Francia Marquez, Fernando Baez Sosa, Lucas Gonzalez, among others, reflects the structural racism that translates into violence and exclusion of fundamental rights. such as access to participation, education, health, housing and decent work.

We speak from the perspective of the most vulnerable; of the more than 134 million Afro-descendants and 55 million indigenous people in our region. We call the authorities to responsibility, we look with apprehension at the continued actions of various hate groups of extreme right, racist, xenophobic and anti-Semitic in our region. History shows that the consequences of racism are fatal and evident in the disproportionate levels of violence suffered by Afro-descendants and Indigenous people.

"Today, and every day, we must continue to speak out against all ideas of racial superiority and work tirelessly to free all societies from the scourge of racism."

Antonio Guterres

Secretary-General of the United Nations

Inter-American Committee to Combat Racism and Xenophobia and all related forms of Discrimination and Intolerance from Public Services International PSI