Affiliates hold national workshop on VAW in Sri Lanka

On June 2 and 3, PSI joined hands with key stakeholders in Sri Lanka and conducted a training on pertinent issues on violence against women and the ratification of ILO C190.

Representatives from four PSI affiliates joined the workshop which covered two important areas: entrenching robust Grievance Redressal Mechanisms (GRMs) in public workplaces and mechanisms to create momentum for ratification of C 190. Resource persons from ILO Sri Lanka, Solidarity Centre, UNI Sri Lanka and select experts led the discussion where they shared practical options for the affiliates to reflect, plan, and take appropriate actions. The affiliates committed to form GRMs in their respective unions and take actions to push the speedy ratification of C 190.

 Sri Lanka is the only country in South Asia to make an open commitment to ratify ILO C190. The announcement was made in March 2022.