Advocating for Care Workers

Speaking in the General Discussion Committee on Decent Work and the Care Economy at the International Labour Conference, Huma Haq, PSI Care Officer, highlighted the urgent need for better conditions and recognition for care workers worldwide.

Huma shared her personal experience as a child care worker, a role she found immensely stressful due to long hours, inadequate pay, and lack of medical or holiday leave. Many of her colleagues, especially migrant women, faced similar hardships.

Despite the rising demand for care services, little has changed for care workers. PSI advocates for treating care as a human right and a public good, emphasizing gender equality. PSI calls for the state’s responsibility to ensure decent work for all care workers, improve wages and conditions, address staffing shortages, and provide access to training and promotion opportunities. Formal recognition and fair pay for community health workers are essential.

PSI urges the ILO to support a tripartite agreement focusing on the transformative nature of care in social justice. The presence of community health workers in Geneva underscores the urgency of these demands.

In solidarity with the Workers Group, PSI strives for a future where care workers are respected, supported, and valued for their vital contributions.