8 November general strike in Portugal

PSI/EPSU affiliates in Portugal will be organising a day’s strike on 8 November in protest at the latest Budget and further attacks on pay, pensions and other employment conditions. Public administration employees and particularly those in local government have seen their salaries and social and labor rights decrease and are now living with enormous difficulties. They are calling for the government to resign.

Public Services International has sent a letter of support to its affiliate STAL.

Public sector workers in Portugal have had enough of wage freezes, raising taxes, cuts in pensions and salaries, an attempted increase of working hours, all of which have contributed to the misery of thousands of workers. The government is now adding insult to injury, with cuts in education, health and social security.

Around 90 percent of public sector workers in Portugal will suffer a cut in their salaries that will vary between 2.5 percent of the salaries of 600 euros and 12 percent for those earning over 2000 euros.

The state budget attacks mainly workers and labour income while protecting big business. More than a million workers and state pensioners will be affected by cuts in their revenues.

In addition to pay cuts, the government proposes cuts in state spending in 2014 which will include: higher taxes, increased contributions, and pension cuts.

During the strike of 8 November, public sector workers are unequivocally stating their opposition to the government policies and budget.

The workers' are striking to:

  • DISCLAIM a policy that robs workers and is ruining the country
  • DEMAND the resignation of the government
  • RECLAIM a policy and a government that respects workers, the country and democracy.