2022: a year for social & climate justice

An awareness and sensitization campaign on the negative impacts of climate change on nature, people and workers was launched at the central headquarters of the Moroccan Workers' Union (UMT) on 25 December 2021. All UMT public service Moroccan affiliates participated, with the participation and support of the Sub-regional Secretary for Arab Countries, Mrs. Najwa Hanna.

More than two months ago, UMT and its public service affiliates organized events across Morocco on climate change such as workshops, gatherings, meetings, trainings, and demonstrations in which hundreds of unionists participated. These events were punctuated by very important discussions, characterized by the participation of UMT experts and other experts with the participation of the Moroccan Working Youth and the Progressive Union of Moroccan Women.

Since the launch of the first activity, which was a preliminary reading of the outcomes of the 26th Climate Summit which was launched in Glasgow, on 13 November 2021, trade unionists from the five affiliated unions have not stopped their constant activism and hard work through intensive participation and with a frequency that reached the point of organizing more than two or three activities in one week at times.

The activities examined the conclusions of this year’s climate summit, addressed topics such as combating violence and harassment of women in the workplace and mechanisms for advocating for the country’s ratification of Convention 190.

The UMT and PSI study on climate change focusing on Morocco was presented along with the screening of a documentary that highlights the issue of climate change. These activities tackled advocacy mechanisms and negotiation techniques to improve the working environment for working women, the formative symposium on trade union work as a mechanism to achieve equality and access to decision-making positions.


This video produced by the Moroccan Workers' Union (UMT) and Public Services International (PSI), highlights the issue of climate change.

Climate change - short version

All these events and activities were a build up for this final workshop for 2021, which marked the start of the climate change awareness campaign that extended over the last week of 2021.

UMT Secretary-General, Mr. Meloudi Al-Mukhareq, who had previously chaired several events within this series of activities, announced the UMT’s decision to make 2022 a year of struggle against climate change and for social and climate justice, in order to achieve a just climate transition, to lay the ground for achieving the Millennium Development Goals, to work towards a sustainable development strategy and to limiting the negative repercussions of climate change, which, according to the Secretary-General, is nothing less than the fight for freedom of association, collective bargaining, and decent work conditions.

After closing the workshop, the Secretary-General, the members of the National Secretariat and the General Secretaries of the five public service unions planted an olive tree in the square of the UMT headquarters. The olive tree is a symbol for achieving peace, solidarity, and fraternity.

During the last week of 2021, awareness-raising meetings and union demonstrations were launched; UMT affiliates hung banners, held meetings in union settings; field work took place where teams wearing T-shirts and hats designed for the occasion distributed brochures to the five union coordinators.