WTO 9th Ministerial Conference

3 Dec 2013 Bali, Indonesia 3 Dec - 6 Dec

WTO 9th Ministerial Conference

  • 3 Dec - 6 Dec
  • Bali, Indonesia

This ministerial meeting will deal with a number of issues of importance to PSI affiliates, including further talks on the Doha Round, trade facilitation and the potentially very dangerous TISA.

PSI will be attending the ministerial meeting and encourages our affiliates to consider attending – particularly those unions who have members affected by the Trade Facilitation Agreement. In some countries affiliates can register as part of the official delegation, as this will provide you with much greater access to the negotiations. To do so you will need to approach your trade minister or the ministry soon. For those not able to secure representation as part of the country delegation, you can register as non-government representatives. In this case, please list your local union as the accrediting organisation and not PSI.

The accreditation process for non-government-organisations has now opened and you can register at: http://www.wto.org/ministerial. Affiliates are urged to register as soon as possible as registrations close on 13 October but may close earlier if filled sooner than that. Once you have registered it is recommended that you contact the Indonesian authorities to inquire about visas.

Please inform Pauline.Chase@world-psi.org if you have registered so that we can co-ordinate PSI activity. PSI will be forwarding further information to affiliates about our activities and preparations in advance of the meeting.

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