Webinar: Towards a Public Energy Future

16 Jun 2021 Paris, France 16 Jun - 16 Jun

Webinar: Towards a Public Energy Future

  • 16 Jun - 16 Jun
  • Paris, France

Please join TUED, the National Federation of Mines and Energy of the General Confederation of Labour (FNME-CGT) and Public Services International (PSI) for the session below: Toward a Public Energy Future. This global forum is part of the International Trade Union Forum on Ecological and Social Transition, being held 14-19 June 2021, and which is being convened by CGT, the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung, Alter Summit, the Global Labor Institute, and TUED.

This session will share findings of the Interim Report developed by the Trade Union Task Force for a Public Energy Future. The final report of the Task Force will be completed before COP26 in Glasgow. Unions participating in the Task Force will present the main findings of the Interim Report, which consists of an analysis of the neoliberal approach to energy transition; the reasons — technical, social, ecological, and financial — of why a comprehensive public ownership is critical in terms of the broader decarbonization effort, and it will draw attention to some of the critical questions and debates that need to take place with regard to energy transition planning, technologies, social and ecological issues, and how public ownership would allow for a new approach to energy options.

See the full agenda and speakers here.

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Session 1

The Task Force For A Public Energy Future

Karine Granger, FNME-CGT: moderator

  • Sebastian Menesplier, Secretary, National Federation of Mines and Energy of the General Confederation of Labour (FNME-CGT), France

  • David Boys, Deputy General Secretary, Public Services International (PSI)

  • Dave Moxham, Deputy General Secretary, Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC)

  • Sean Sweeney, Coordinator, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED)

Session 2

Voices from the Task Force and the Main Findings of the Interim Report

Irene HongPing Shen, TUED: moderator

  • Colin Long, Just Transition Officer, Victoria Trades Hall Council (VTHC), Australia

  • Samantha Mason, Policy Officer, Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), UK

  • Karine Granger, Energy Advisor, (FNME-CGT), France

  • Matthew Lay, National Officer for Energy, Unison, UK

Session 3

Responses: Strengthening the Global Struggle for Public Energy

Karine Granger, FNME-CGT: moderator

  • Fabrice Coudour, Secretary General, FNME-CGT, France

  • Lee Seungchul, Director of Policy Planning for Energy Policy and Climate, Korean Public Service and Transport Workers' Unions (KPTU)

  • Nolberto Díaz, President, Confederation of Petroleum Workers (FENTRAPECH), Chile

  • Ozzi Warwick, Chief Education and Research Officer, Oilfield Workers Trade Union (OWTU), Trinidad and Tobago

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