Webinar Launch for Democracy Lessons

17 Sep 2020 New York, NY, USA 17 Sep - 17 Sep

Webinar Launch for Democracy Lessons

  • 17 Sep - 17 Sep
  • New York, NY, USA

Join the launch webinar, Thursday, September 17 (U.S. Constitution Day), at 6:00 p.m. Eastern time. Register here.

Over the last eight years, the American Federation of Teachers has partnered with RFK Human Rights on important classroom-centered human rights programs that engage educators across the United States.

The two organizations are now combining their synergies into a project called “Defenders of Human Rights and Democracy in your Community.”

These lessons were written by teachers for teachers. They were designed to “meet the moment” to help students learn from the civil rights struggles of the past and then become more engaged with community activism of today.

Webinar Participants:

  • Randi Weingarten, AFT President

  • Kerry Kennedy, President, RFK Human Rights

  • Derrick Johnson, President, NAACP


Defenders of Democracy