Webinar - Invest in Care, Now!

29 Oct 2020 Brussels, Belgium 29 Oct - 29 Oct

This webinar series will feature the voices of health and care workers on the frontlines and highlight what adequate investment in care would mean for gender equality, equitable societies, sustainable development and economies that work for all people.

2nd Webinar: "Invest in Care, Now!” - Thursday, 29 October 2020

16.00 CET to 17.30 CET - Check your time zone here


Marie Clarke Walker, Secretary-Treasurer, CLC Canada


  • Professor Susan Himmelweit, UK Women’s Budget Group (WBG)

  • Aya Mezrigui, intensive care nurse and union representative, UGTT Tunisia

  • Deborah Yussuf, State Chairman, National association of Nigeria nurses and midwives (NANNM), Nigeria

  • Mónica Vitalich, Association of Workers of the National Board of Kindergartens (Asociación de Trabajador@s de la Junta Nacional de Jardines Infantiles - AJUNJI), Chile

  • Editha Adams, Statewide President for UDW Homecare Providers Union, USA

Interpretation will be provided in English, French and Spanish.

Register here and make sure you download the latest Zoom version.