Towards a Global Code of Practice that promotes the rights of the health and care workforce

30 May 2024 Geneva, Switzerland 30 May - 30 May

Towards a Global Code of Practice that promotes the rights of the health and care workforce

  • 30 May - 30 May
  • Geneva, Switzerland

08:00 - 09:30 CEST

We invite member state and civil society delegates to the 77th World Health Assembly and others interested to a breakfast meeting on Thursday 30 May in Geneva. The meeting provides assessments and perspectives, from a civil society and health workers perspective, on the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel (“the Code”) that will see, in 2024, its fifth round of reporting and the launch of the third review of its relevance and effectiveness. 

High expectations, dire realities, and what is to be done 

The organizing team wants the Code to be(come) a strong, relevant, and effective instrument, at the same time acknowledging the dire realities behind the somewhat flattering and rather data-driven reports that Member States are submitting. What are the stories of health and care workers brave enough to undertake their move to another country? What are the realities of health workers in countries with health and care worker shortages? Is it at all possible to achieve the ideal of the so-called ‘triple win’, i.e. benefits for migrating health and care workers, for sending countries and for receiving countries? We will explore these questions through testimonials and stories by people grounded in reality, and you will have the opportunity to engage in the discussion with your own perspectives. Come and join us. 

A breakfast meeting

  • In-person event only, in Geneva, on Thursday 30 May 2024

  • Simple breakfast buffet available as of 7.45 hrs (and after the meeting)
    Meeting starting at 8.00 hrs sharp

  • Venue: Hotel Warwick (Google map here

Programme and speakers

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  • Due to the limited space, registration is required

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