Tax Justice Network’s annual conference (Lima)

13 Jun 2018 Lima, Peru 13 Jun - 14 Jun

Tax Justice Network’s annual conference (Lima)

  • 13 Jun - 14 Jun
  • Lima, Peru

Talks will cover a wide range of topics on tax justice from women’s rights to the challenges of tackling illicit financial flows.

The 2018 conference of the Tax Justice Network, part of an annual series dating back to 2003 and co-organised with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) and Latindadd, showcases cutting-edge research from the region and beyond, bringing together researchers, academics, journalists, policy staff of civil society organisations, consultants and professionals, elected politicians and their researchers, government and international organisation officials. The purpose is to facilitate research, open-minded debate and discussion, and to generate ideas and proposals to inform and shape political initiatives and mobilisation.

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