Rebuilding the Social Organisation of Care : Advocacy Guide Launch

27 Oct 2022 Geneva, Switzerland 27 Oct - 27 Oct

Rebuilding the Social Organisation of Care : Advocacy Guide Launch

  • 27 Oct - 27 Oct
  • Geneva, Switzerland

13:00 - 14:30 CEST

In response to the care crisis , Public Services International (PSI) has focused on shifting approaches to care away from the dominant approach (the ‘care economy’) to the social organisation of care (SOC).

PSI is calling for action to rebuild the social organisation of care to a new model that puts caring for people over caring for profits.

Now is the time for PSI’s unions and women’s committees to put into effect this care agenda nationally. To assist and equip them with some tools, an Advocacy Guide and accompanying Activity Workbook will be launched worldwide in a webinar in the context of the Global Day of Action on Care.

Join us on Thursday 27 October from 1-2.30pm CEST.

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PSI, in alliance with a group of feminist, human rights, and tax justice organisations, have put forward a Care Manifesto, building and strengthening a global movement, calling for the 5Rs as a way forward to fix the care crisis:

  1. Recognise the social and economic value of care work (paid or unpaid) and the human right to care.

  2. Reward, remunerate and represent care work and care workers with professionalised work, equal pay for work of equal value, adequate pensions, comprehensive social protection, healthy and safe working conditions, strong representation, unionisation, and collective bargaining and social dialogue in line with the ILO Decent Work Agenda.

  3. Reduce the burden of unpaid care work on women.

  4. Redistribute care work within households, among all workers, eliminating the sexual division of labour, and between households and State.

  5. Reclaim the public nature of care services and restore the duty and the primary responsibility of the State to provide public care services and develop care systems that transform gender relations and women’s lives – including by financing State’s capacity to invest through fair and progressive taxation and ensuring internationally equal taxing rights of nation State.

The Social Organisation of Care: A Global Snapshot

PSI has commissioned a study that focuses on the state of care arrangements in different countries around the world that will contribute to the discussion on how an agenda for transformation could be advanced. An agenda that will rebuild the social organisation of care, based on the principles of social co-responsibility, equality, and decent work. See the Manifesto for Rebuilding the Social Organisation of Care