PSI at the UN World Water Conference

22 Mar 2023 New York, NY, USA 22 Mar - 24 Mar

PSI at the UN World Water Conference

  • 22 Mar - 24 Mar
  • New York, NY, USA

09:00 - 18:00 EST

PSI will be attending with affiliates FNV from the Netherlands, FNU from Brazil and DC37 from the USA. 

The main problem with SDG6 is the way to pay for improvements in water and sanitation infrastructureUN policies for most SDGs, including water, suggest that we use public subsidies to ‘attract’ private capital.  This implies that water services need to be made profitable enough to attract global finance capital. 

This ensures that the rights of investors dominate human rights or the rights of nature, including in the courts and in arbitrations.

PSI is working with unions and allies to critique these absurd policies.  Our Water Justice Movement is committed to defend human rights, including by supporting public services, as well as other community-based formats.  There is a common will to fight privatisation, which has a long list of structural problems that won’t go away with new wording, such as innovative or blended finance. 

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