Organizing for Power: Strike School!

24 Sep 2020 Berlin, Germany 24 Sep - 13 Oct

Organizing for Power: Strike School!

  • 24 Sep - 13 Oct
  • Berlin, Germany

Started in late 2019, O4P has already trained over 5,000 organizers from more than 60 countries on core issues such as leadership identification, semantics and the words we use, how to have 1-1 conversations, and developing structure tests for your organizing group. And this is just the beginning.

Going forward, Organizing for Power will continue to expand its training program to include strike preparation, whole worker organizing, train-the-trainer programs, and sector- and country-specific trainings.

The next large-format training, Strike School, starts on the 24th of September and is open to groups of 4+ organizers.

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