LRGNEXT2021 Opening Session: Overview | Challenges

15 Sep 2021 Geneva, Switzerland 15 Sep - 15 Sep

LRGNEXT2021 Opening Session: Overview | Challenges

  • 15 Sep - 15 Sep
  • Geneva, Switzerland

This session is part of the Local and Regional Workers Network Series 2021. The series is composed of six 3-hour sessions running from 15 September to 3rd December 2021.

The opening session, for PSI affiliates only, will be held on 15 September 2021 - 1-4pm CEST. There will be interpretation in English, French and Spanish. PSI may consider interpretation into additional languages subject to registrations and budget constraints.


This session will draw a global overview of the Local and Regional Government (LRG) sector worldwide and of PSI global and regional LRG sectoral work since 2016. PSI affiliates’ representatives and Regions will have an opportunity to highlight the main LRG sector developments, good practices, achievements, and challenges of the past years, while looking at the future proposing policy priorities, new directions, and next steps for PSI LRG work.

I. Global and regional overviews of PSI’s LRG sector

  • Welcome and opening - Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary

  • Global overview of PSI LRG work 2016-2021 - Daria Cibrario, PSI LRG Officer

  • Regional overviews

    1. Africa and Arab Countries

    2. Asia-Pacific

    3. Europe

    4. Interamerica

II. Taking stock to build the future: common challenges, and priorities

  • Plenary discussion & affiliate consultation

III. Conclusions and next steps


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Background documents for this session: