LRG Workers Network Series - Concluding Session

3 Dec 2021 Geneva, Switzerland 3 Dec - 3 Dec

LRG Workers Network Series - Concluding Session

  • 3 Dec - 3 Dec
  • Geneva, Switzerland

This is the last session in the Local and Regional Workers Network Series 2021. The series is composed of six sessions running from 15 September to 3rd December 2021.

All sessions are online. Each thematic session is composed of two segments as follows: an initial kick-off contribution by affiliates, experts and allied organisations as appropriate (30 min); a plenary discussion (30 min); and a summary of key conclusions and action points (15 min).

I. Building the Future of local public services (1h15’)

This session will take stock, draw conclusions from the whole LRG Series 2021. It will present emerged priorities to define PSI’s LRG unions coordinated policies and actions.

II. An Action Programme for PSI’s LRG Network: towards the PSI Congress (1h15’)

This session will present a draft Action Programme based on the discussions and conclusions drawn from the LRG Series 2021. It will represent a roadmap for PSI’s LRG Network action and for PSI’s Regions and will contribute to PSI’s Congress Programme of Action