LRG Workers Network Series - 4th Thematic Session

18 Nov 2021 Geneva, Switzerland 18 Nov - 18 Nov

LRG Workers Network Series - 4th Thematic Session

  • 18 Nov - 18 Nov
  • Geneva, Switzerland

This session is part of the Local and Regional Workers Network Series 2021. The series is composed of six sessions running from 15 September to 3rd December 2021.

All sessions are online. Each thematic session is composed of two segments as follows: an initial kick-off contribution by affiliates, experts and allied organisations as appropriate (30 min); a plenary discussion (30 min); and a summary of key conclusions and action points (15 min).

I. The LRG & territorial dimension of Care

Social care, whether public or private, is often subsidised, regulated and provided through at a local and regional government level. It is often delivered via community health centres and homes. In some countries, care remains a highly feminized, undervalued, precarious and informal profession, even when delivered within a LRG framework. Covid has unveiled the deep injustice and major shortcomings embedded in the current social organisation of care. This session will discuss issues, good practices and proposals for change. It will be co-designed with PSI’s Health and Social Services and Gender Equality staff

II. The LRG & territorial dimension of climate, public emergencies and environmental protection

Cities and regions are at the forefront of the climate crisis, which is causing more frequent and severe disasters, requiring stronger public emergency response mechanisms. LRGs have the potential to cut up to one-third of global greenhouse gases and many are implementing climate innovation. They are also key to protect public health, the environment, green spaces and natural resources. LRG workers such as first responders, firefighters, waste workers, rangers and urban planners and their unions must have decent working conditions and respect for trade union rights to enable them to fully engage in all the challenges ahead, both in the risks they assume in their work and the skills and dedication they bring to bear