LRG Workers Network Series - 2nd Thematic Session

15 Oct 2021 Geneva, Switzerland 15 Oct - 15 Oct

LRG Workers Network Series - 2nd Thematic Session

  • 15 Oct - 15 Oct
  • Geneva, Switzerland

The second thematic session of PSI's Local & Regional Government (LRG) Network Series, taking place on 15 October, from 1-4pm CEST is now open for registration.


The series is composed of six sessions running from 15 September to 3rd December 2021. All sessions are online. Each thematic session is composed of two segments as follows: an initial kick-off contribution by affiliates, experts and allied organisations as appropriate (30 min); a plenary discussion (30 min); and a summary of key conclusions and action points (15 min).

I. Remunicipalisation: Reclaiming local public services for all

The growing trend of returning privatised services under public ownership and control is primarily taking place at a municipal level. All over the world, citizens, public authorities and labour unions have been mobilising to bring vital services and infrastructures back into public hands. LRG workers and unions play a critical role in these processes. The Covid crisis has emboldened collective demands for public investment in local public services and remunicipalisation

Welcome and opening contributions:

  • Andrew Cumbers, University of Glasgow, UK

  • Daniel Papps, United Services Union (USU), Australia

  • Anand Jammu, Nagpur Municipal Corporation Employees Union (NMCE), India

  • Kevin Donoghue, FORSA, Ireland

Plenary discussion & affiliate consultation

II. Public Services 2.0: Democratic governance and participation in local public services

Remunicipalisation provides an opportunity to build a new generation of local quality public services that are innovative, participatory, accountable, democratic, and work for people and their communities. This vision must fully include workers and their trade unions. It provides a unique space to pioneer new, progressive staff management and worker participation practices while creating quality employment in local communities, all while delivering universal access to quality public services

Welcome and opening contributions:

  • Edurne Bagué, Universitat de Girona, Spain

  • Romaric Montbobier, CGT SP, Eau de Paris, France

Plenary discussion & affiliate consultation


Background documents:

Background documents are available for consultation and download on the website in English. Translations into French and Spanish will be uploaded as soon as they are finalised.

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