LRG Workers Network Series - 1st Thematic Session

30 Sep 2021 Geneva, Switzerland 30 Sep - 30 Sep

LRG Workers Network Series - 1st Thematic Session

  • 30 Sep - 30 Sep
  • Geneva, Switzerland

This session is part of the Local and Regional Workers Network Series 2021. The series is composed of six sessions running from 15 September to 3rd December 2021.

All sessions are online. Each thematic session is composed of two segments as follows: an initial kick-off contribution by affiliates, experts and allied organisations as appropriate (30 min); a plenary discussion (30 min); and a summary of key conclusions and action points (15 min).

I. Public financing for quality local public services

This session will explore the shared challenges, good practices and options for LRGs to finance universal quality local public services for all. It will look at the connection between adequately funded local public services, decent work for LRG workers and socio-economic inclusion in cities and territories

II. Public service digitalisation & the digital transformation of LRG professions and workplaces

The introduction of digital technologies in local public services has been fast forwarded by the Covid pandemic. It has cast a major impact on public service delivery, quality, and access for users, and on LRG jobs and workers’ conditions. This session will look at what LRG unions are doing and what more is needed to drive forms of public service digitalisation that are publicly led and controlled in the common interest, while ensuring quality LRG workers’ conditions