Live Learning session - #BeyondtheOutbreak

13 May 2020 Paris, France 13 May - 13 May


This thematic virtual session on public service delivery will focus on how local authorities and public services workers’ unions can find shared solutions to ensure the highest standards of safety for staff and users, while maintaining vital public service continuation. The session also aims at reviewing the challenges local authorities and vital frontline service workers are facing in the pandemic and at identifying good practices and lessons learnt to build local public service resilience in the Covid-19 aftermath and ahead of future crises.

Guiding questions

  • How are LRGs and their frontline workers ensuring the continuity of local public service delivery under Covid-19?

  • What are the main challenges LRGs and local public service workers face and what solutions are being found?

  • How is dialogue between LRG authorities and workers’ unions helping?

  • What lessons learnt and recommendations to ensure strong local public services in the crisis aftermath?

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