International Migration Review Forum

16 May 2022 New York, NY, USA 16 May - 20 May

International Migration Review Forum

  • 16 May - 20 May
  • New York, NY, USA

The UN Global Compact on Migration (GCM) that was adopted by UN member states in 2018 is now up for review. The global review comes every 4 years after the adoption of the Global Compact, in a process known as the International Migration Review Forum (IMRF).

The first IMRF will be held at the UN General Assembly in New York from 17-20 May 2022, preceded by a one-day informal interactive multi-stakeholder hearing on 16 May. The format of the meeting, whether in-person or hybrid, will be finalized in due course.

PSI will be bringing a delegation of union activists to the IMRF.

In the lead up to the IMRF 2022, the UN Migration Network, is organizing a dialogue series from January through April this year to help shape the agenda and contents of the four roundtables of the IMRF 2022. These roundtables cover all the 23 Objectives of the Global Compact. The outcome of the IMRF will be a Progress Declaration to be adopted by member states.

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