For a gender-transformative digital new deal

This parallel event to the UNCSW67 will gather members of the trade union and feminist movements in a global conversation to put together a common agenda for a gender-transformative digital new deal.

Movements will discuss their common approach to framing this digital new deal, connecting it to the Declaration of Feminist Digital Justice launched on 6 March by IT for Change and DAWN and visualizing a future and common coalition work.

Friday 10 March, 12:30 EST, CCNU, 8th Floor. Please register here


The current dominant order of the digital age has intensified exclusion, extraction, commodification, and capital accumulation.

 The enormous market power of corporations and Big Tech have captured national governments facilitating privatisation through the promotion of tech solutions for public services; as well as avoiding tax obligations and manipulating trade negotiations to guarantee monopoly rights, leading to greater inequality and feminised poverty.

 In parallel, massive deregulation, intensification, and precariousness of labour across digital platforms, digitalisation, and telework are changing the world of work and greatly impacting women in the informal and formal economy, including in public services.

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) and algorithmic pro-profit use have pushed for the commodification of women’s sexual and reproductive health through increased digital monitoring and surveillance that datafies them and undermines their human and women’s rights.

 This order is provoking the exacerbation of gender and intersecting inequalities that trigger exclusion, predominantly for women and women workers worsened by the unjust current organisation of care and exposure to digital violence.

 No gender transformative change will be possible under these conditions.

 In this context PSI, DAWN, ActionAid, OXFAM, CESR, GI-ESCR, GATJ, TJN, Womankind, FEMNET, and IT for Change have joined forces to call for a digital new deal.








Welcome and opening remarks

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI

The failure of the dominant order of digital capitalism and the need to push for a gender-transformative alternative, and the commitment of women workers and union power for this collective effort.



Framing the context for a digital new deal

Nandini Chami, IT for Change

Yiping Cai, DAWN

Connections between the Declaration of Feminist Digital Justice and the new deal agenda, and policy opportunities to action feminist digital justice





A gender-transformative digital new deal and its linkages with workers, women, and human rights, ending austerity, and tax justice



Katia Schnellecke, FES (Tbc)


Meghna Abraham, CESR



The enabling human rights-based approach for guaranteeing:

Public control and regulation Reclaiming the role of the state

*Rebuilding the social organisation of care

Wangari Kinoti, ActionAid


The gig economy as platforms for precarity and the implications for feminist digital justice.

Amina Hersi, OXFAM

Digital rights and public services. “The Assault of Austerity.”

Liz Nelson, TJN


The means for financing digital sovereignty, including combating tax avoidance and evasion by digital corporations



Plenary conversation with interventions from the floor

Kelti Cameron, CUPE



Movements will discuss their common approach to this call for a gender-transformative digital new deal




Closing remarks and the way forward

Meghna Abraham, CESR

Our power to influence the Global Digital Compact.

Next steps and collective commitments.