Caribbean Workers’ Forum II (online) – Re-imagining the New Normal

15 Sep 2021 Trindade e Tobago 15 Sep - 18 Sep

Caribbean Workers’ Forum II (online) – Re-imagining the New Normal

  • 15 Sep - 18 Sep
  • Trindade e Tobago

Representatives from PSI’s affiliates in the Caribbean will attend and participate in the second Caribbean Workers’ Forum (CWF II). The online conference will evaluate the challenges presented by the COVID 19 pandemic on Caribbean workers and peoples. “Reimagining the New Normal” provides an important space for researchers, trade unionists, and community activists to interrogate the kind of future we want as the Caribbean turns its attention to recovery in a COVID environment.

The Conference is organised by the Elma Francois Institute for Research and Debate of the Cipriani College of Labour & Cooperative Studies, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Congress of Labour (CCL), the Caribbean Office of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Public Services International (PSI) and The Global Labour University (GLU).

“The New Normal” is a common theme (even a meme) that people are using to describe the pot-COVID world. What will it look like in the Caribbean? Who will shape the new normal in the Caribbean? This conference will evaluate the multiple manifestations of this theme and contemplate the nature of a post COVID world which is being constructed and the implications for workers’ and workers organisations. CWF II will contribute to evidence-based debate on these issues.

Objectives of the Conference

The specific objectives are:

  1. To engage in a process of capacity building among workers and their representatives and organisations as they face a myriad of challenges, well exemplified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. To develop new models of action based on evidence-based and data-driven development objectives for workers and their institutions.

  3. To advance the use of social dialogue among workers and their institutions, the private sector, government, academics, and other stakeholders in the search for solutions, based on fairness, equity and social justice, to the pressing issues facing Caribbean workers and society.

  4. To use the independent and rigorous inquiry to support workers, their institutions and other stakeholders.

  5. To contribute to increased awareness of the importance of social protection; deficiencies in regional social protection systems and to build dialogue on policies and actions that could be taken to close these deficiencies.

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