Care Coordination Meeting for Inter-America

16 Dec 2022 Geneva, Switzerland 16 Dec - 16 Dec

Care Coordination Meeting for Inter-America

  • 16 Dec - 16 Dec
  • Geneva, Switzerland

19:00 - 22:15 CET

PSI is holding its first virtual Regional Care Coordination Meeting for the Inter-American countries on 16 December 2022 at 15:00 BRT/ 13:00 COT/ 13:00 EST/ 10:00 PST/12:00 CST. Join us!


This meeting is to discuss and learn more about PSI’s work in the Care sector. It is an opportunity for affiliates to directly feed into PSI’s work to ensure that it is reflective of the issues experienced by care workers across the globe and of the nuances of each region’s care sector.

Care is a critical public service. It provides vital support to the most vulnerable in our society based on their needs - and their human rights. This can only be achieved with workers who are rewarded properly with safe, secure, and well-paid work - and who are free to join and be represented by independent trade unions. In response to the global care crisis, Public Services International (PSI) has focused on shifting approaches to care away from the dominant approach (the ‘care economy’) to the social organisation of care (SOC). We are calling for action to rebuild the social organisation of care to a new model that puts caring for people over caring for profits.