Building Capacity for the Change You Need

9 Jan 2024 Barbados 9 Jan - 11 Jan

Building Capacity for the Change You Need

  • 9 Jan - 11 Jan
  • Barbados

In November 2023, PSI held a one-day Strategy and planning workshop with CTUSAB’s member unions. Discussions at the 2023 workshop odentified the following:

1. CTUSAB’s key purpose and role (its vision and mission)

2. the major emerging trends that impact CTUSAB’s work

3. critical areas of work/priorities for the next 12 to 18 months

4. trade union education and training needs for the Board and member organisations

Workshop attendees, having agreed on a broad range of work to be completed over the next 18 months generally aimed at increasing and strengthening the knowledge, skills and attitudes of member unions.

Aims of this capacity building workshop

• To assist CTUSAB in further refining its priorities for the next 12 to 18 months

• To focus on key (sub) sectors in public services in keeping with the CTUSAB’s implementation of PSI’s congress mandate

• To plan a programme of trade union education and training for CTUSAB and its affiliates

• To assist in building the capacity (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of CTUSAB and its member units/affiliates

 Target group

The training is especially designed to meet the needs of the following:

• Executive members

• Union education and training officers

• Research officers

• Industrial relations officers and organisers

• Shop stewards 

Key sectors

▪ Public administration

▪ Heath and social care services

▪ Uniformed services (prison, fire service, police service) 

Making linkages to PSI’s Programme of Action (PoA) 2024 to 2028

At PSI’s 31st World Congress held in October 2023, affiliates mandated an ambitious PoA. 

A number of issues raised in the PoA as well as affiliate resolutions are directly related to current issues these affiliates in the Caribbean sub-region face. The task now is to clearly make those linkages/connections visible and identify the priorities for PSI affiliates in Barbados.

Organising, Communications, Trade Union Education and Training

These three aspects of trade union work are especially important fin building and ensuring the sustainability of the movement. They will be at the top of the list of items for discussion and planning in the 3-day workshop.