3rd Meeting of the EPSU-PSI Remunicipalisation/Insourcing Project (INQPS) Steering Committee

12 Sep 2023 Brussels, Belgium 12 Sep - 12 Sep

3rd Meeting of the EPSU-PSI Remunicipalisation/Insourcing Project (INQPS) Steering Committee

  • 12 Sep - 12 Sep
  • Brussels, Belgium

15:00 - 17:00 CEST

We are pleased to invite you to the 3rd Meeting of the Steering Committee of the joint PSI-EPSU European Commission-funded project on insourcing and remunicipalisation – INQPS – which will take place online on

Thursday 12 September 2023 from 15.00-17.30 (CEST).
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 There will be French and Spanish interpretation for this online meeting.


Please register for this online meeting by writing to Mounia BOUDHAN mboudhan@epsu.org cc Daria Cibrario daria.cibrario@world-psi.org. The Zoom link will be sent to the registered participants closer to the date along with additional background material.

Participants from the PSI InterAmericas Region

This time has been chosen to facilitate the participation to the project Steering Committee of PSI affiliates from the InterAmericas Region. We particularly encourage LRG unions of the PSI InterAmericas Regions and Staff to join.

How you can contribute to the Project

We are still open to affiliates nominating members of the Steering Committee and we welcome union leaders and members willing to contribute to the online training development with their trade union  experience of in-sourcing and remunicipalisation campaigns and processes through short interviews in the videos to illustrate key points and highlight cases of in-sourcing and lessons learnt from union re-municipalisation campaigns.

Please send these resources if you have them and/or connect us  to colleagues or people who could be interviewed for this purpose.

Reports from the 1st and 2nd Steering Committees

The report of the First Steering Committee of 19 April 2023 can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish along with resources and presentations.

The report of the Second Steering Committee meeting of 15 June 2023 can be downloaded in English, French and Spanish along with resources and presentations.

Previous meetings

Steering Committee Meeting content

The project contractors will present the work they have done so far. This will include initial text for the online training and website.  We will be in touch with registered participants before the meeting with an agenda and latest drafts of the work done by the contractor.

Project purpose

As explained in the project bid, the aim of the project is to create an online, on-demand, multi-language training course to assist affiliates in planning and developing their work and campaigns around remunicipalisation/insourcing. It will aim to bring to life, in an accessible way, research and campaigning material on the challenges in de-privatising public services and bringing them back in-house, including the labour dimensions that such processes may entail. Much of it will be based on key resources from PSI, EPSU and national affiliates, including PSI’s 2020 “Remunicipalisation guide for workers and trade unions. Taking our Public Services Back In-house” and its 50-case compendium, and related research, video and union materials gathered by PSI and EPSU unions until now.

Calendar of related events - Save the dates 

The main work of the project will be carried out between April and December 2023 with a view to publishing and promoting the course in early 2024.
The next event related to the PSI-EPSU INQPS Project

  • 28 September, 4th Project Steering Committee, in-person in Brussels (Belgium) followed by  

  • 29 September 2023, EPSU LRG Pan European Conference on “Remunicipalisation of public services in Local and Regional Governments” (Languages: EN, FR, DE, ES, SV, RU) – draft agenda available in English

Details of that meeting, the languages to be provided and any financial support for travel and accommodation will follow.

  • 21 November 2023 – format tbd

  • 12 December 2023 – format tbd

Even if you cannot make all these meetings, we would appreciate your input all along the project and will aim to facilitate contact with all colleagues, including those based outside of Europe.

We very much hope that you will support us in this project and provide input from the national level that will ensure that the training course is as relevant and helpful as possible.  


Should you have any questions about the project and your participation please contact the three project leads
For PSI: Daria CIBRARIOdaria.cibrario@world-psi.org
For EPSU: Paola PANZERIppanzeri@epsu.org, Richard PONDrpond@epsu.org,